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Article written by Quyen Dao

Tiled conservatory roof cost. Everything you need to know.

A solid or tiled conservatory roof is a popular way that U.K. homeowners are adding value to their properties while increasing their living space and improving their lifestyle. A solid roof conservatory can be a space for the family to gather, a reading room or a corner where you enjoy your quiet relaxing time.


A tiled conservatory roof can improve energy efficiency of the property, reduce noise, maintain a good temperature year round and improve the security of a home. Replacing a conservatory roof is, therefore, an important decision. 

This article covers all the details you need to know about upgrading your conservatory roof with tiles. We cover the cost of a tiled conservatory roof, the benefits, things to consider, styles and much more.

The definition of a solid conservatory roof is based on the material used for the the roof. A solid roof is made from tiles and there are many tile choices. In the past, traditional conservatory roofs were usually made from glass or polycarbonate. Solid roofs have many benefits and create a usable space all year round. This is why many home owners are choosing a tiled conservatory roof.


The first “challenge” you may have to tackle when designing your roof is to make the decision of style. How do you want you roof to look? Which colour and material do you like? A solid roof comes with flexibility in terms of appearance, giving you freedom to release your creativity.

What is a tiled conservatory roof?

Lean to conservatory with solid tiled roof

What are the benefits of a solid conservatory roof?

After the “What” question, “Why” will be the next question you have to solve. Why is a solid conservatory roof the best option? The answer is the ways it will add value to your home.


• Upgrading to a solid conservatory roof can help improve your financial health. Being better than traditional roofs in terms of insulation, solid conservatory roofs can save more money spent on energy, especially in a long time. Do you still remember the days you used a glass roof? That kind of roof can invite sunshine to the house but on hot days, the amount of light and heat would be too much. Solid roofs have an additional layer of thermal insulation which can be useful on both cold and hot times. That layer is able to store heat in the winter and defect heat away from your conservatory when the outside temperature is high. Furthermore, compared to other types of extension, a solid roof installation costs less.


• The fact that glass roof would let too much sun get into the house can also lead to problems for your skin. Do consider using a solid conservatory roof which can be a reliable protector for your skin. Don’t worry that a solid roof can prevent sunshine from entering your room, causing a lack of light and heat. Thanks to the flexibility of this modern material, a skylight on the roof is always available for you.


• One of the most important factors of a home is safety. Compared to glass and polycarbonate roofs, solid roofs are stronger, therefore, can be better at protecting you and your family members.


• Another advantage of a solid roof is that you can get rid of the annoyance coming from the noisy environment around the house. Nobody can stop the rain, and sometimes, there are rainy days when you wish you were having a better soundproofing roof. Today, more and more people are working from home. It’s time to find a roof than can stay with you both during your meetings and in your relaxing time due to its ability to stop irritating sounds. • Last but not least, you would not say “No” to a conservatory roof that can make your home look better. Preparing for a solid roof instalment is a chance for you to release the designer inside yourself. Since the roof can be customised thanks to the flexibility of the materials, speak with our experts and let them help you find the look that is compatible with your aesthetic and goes along with the rest of your house.

Solid conservatory roof styles

Since there are different materials you can apply for a solid roof, you also need to choose from a variety of roof styles. Don’t forget that each style of roof can also affect the total cost of the conservatory roof installation or replacement.


Our experts can help you with calculating the cost depending on the style you choose. Your mission is to learn about roof styles, at least the most common ones – Edwardian, Victorian and lean-to. Typically, th

Lean to conservatory with solid tiled roof

​Lean-To conservatory with solid roof

Edwardian conservatory with solid tiled roof


conservatory with solid roof

Victorian conservatory with solid tiled roof


conservatory with solid roof

Gable conservatory with solid tiled roof

Victorian conservatory with solid roof

Solid conservatory roof tile types

The good news is that once you choose to go with a solid roof, you can explore a variety of tiles. Each kind of tile has its own advantages, weaknesses, and cost.


• If you are ready for a huge investment, consider natural slate tiles for your roof. Yes, they are expensive, but you won’t regret your choice. Natural slate tiles not only style up your roof but also last for a long time. These durable tiles are suitable for those who are consistent with their decision.


• If you’re looking for a more affordable material, synthetic tiles can be a reasonable option. The strengths of this kind of tile are that it’s light, it comes with many colours, and it can be designed according to your preference. Furthermore, synthetic tiles are durable and can be made to look like natural slate tiles.


• The most common material for solid roofs in the UK turns out to be concrete. Being similar to synthetic tiles, concrete roofs also offer different designs and colours, and they don’t cost you too much. Keep in mind that if you decide to choose concrete, your roof may need support because concrete is heavy, especially on rainy days when it absorbs more water.


An alternative to the options above is installing insulated panels inside your current roof. The instalment requires a check on the roof’s leakproof and ventilation, a new timber frame and uPVC.

Consultant - Solid Conservatory Roof Costs. Conservatory Roof Quote

Every conservatory is unique and requires an individual roof replacement quote. Just answer a few quick questions to find out how much a solid roof would cost for your conservatory. It's quick and simple to get prices and compare options.

Things to consider when installing a solid conservatory roof

Once you decide to upgrade your conservatory roof, there are always many factors you need to consider when making your plan. Here is the list of the elements you need to examine before installing your solid roof.


• Initially, the replacement would be a major investment which can cost you more than £4,000. The good news is that for the long term, you can safe about £200 each year on energy bills using a solid roof. Moreover, the other advantages of solid conservatory roofs that were mentioned above will stay with you during that long term.


• To ensure that you’ll still have enough natural light in the house, you may need to consider having skylights or windows on your roof – features that will surely add great ambience to your new conservatory. Setting up extra skylights or windows will inevitably require more of your time, management and maintenance, so make sure you will consider this potential addition carefully.


• The total amount of time needed for the installation is around 2 – 3 days. That is not a long time, but you should prepare yourself and your family’s members for some inconvenience during the installation days, such as noise, dust or the presence of the construction team in your home.

Lean to conservatory with solid roof
Replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof cost

Tiled conservatory roof cost

No single calculation can help you find the exact cost of the whole solid roof replacement or installation. Go through the list below to know the elements you need to examine to know the cost.


• Your roof’s size


• The kind of tile you use for the roof. Bear in mind that different colours and designs come with different price.


• The frame you will use for the solid roof: Can you reuse your old frame, or will you need an entirely new frame?


• Another question about the frame: What is the material of the frame? Is it aluminium, uPVC or timber?


• The number of window or roof vent you want.


• Extra works the roof replacement may require, such as lighting, plastering, etc.


• Your installer

Roof size and solid conservatory roof cost

One of the first elements affecting the roof replacement cost is the roof size. Our experts are willing to help you find out the accurate cost for the specific size you need. Typically, for each square metre, the amount of money needed is around £600 – £900. You can see the example below to have an estimation of the cost:


• 3m x 3m (9sqm) - £7,800


• 4.5m x 2.5m (11.25 sqm) - £9,000


• 8m x 3m (24 sqm) - £19,000

Solid conservatory roof cost according to different roof tiles

As we have explored different roof tiles, you may have your own choice of the tile you'd like. Your choice will decide how your roof will look like, how long the roof will last for, and how much money you will spend on the roof. Let’s look at some examples:


• Concrete tiles are the most common kind of tile used in the UK. Each square metre of this type can cost you about £12 to £22.


• If you want something more special than concrete tiles but don’t have a large budget, consider clay tiles that can cost about £28 to £40 per square metre.


• Natural slate tiles are said to be one of the best options since they are durable and guarantee that your roof will look good. Because of those advantages, natural slate tiles can cost up to £70 for each square metre.

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Can I reuse my old frames for a new solid roof?

Reusing old frames is a good idea to protect the environment and save more money. And in fact, since solid conservatory roof tiles are lightweight, old frames are often reused.


Your installer will need to assess your old frame to make sure they meet the requirements. In some cases, they can add some strengthening to make sure the old frame will be a good companion with the new solid roof. You can also speak to our experts to know the amount of money you can save with reusing old frames.

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 23.32.30.png

Which kind of window frames can I use for a new solid conservatory roof?

As mentioned above, to make sure you will get enough sun and light, you can consider the idea of having skylights on the roof. The question is that once you want that feature, what kind of frame you need for the window?


When designing window frames, ask yourself about your preference and the condition of your home. There are three types of frames:


• Aluminium is the material that has many strengths. Being light and flexible, it can help you have the design you desire. Furthermore, aluminium is a low price material giving you a chance to save more money. However, if you’re looking for window frames that are good at insulation, aluminium is not a wise choice.


• uPVC is better than aluminium at insulation. Its weakness is that is not as strong as aluminium, therefore, isn’t the best supporter for windows.


• Wooden is said to be the most reliable material for windows on solid conservatory roofs. Avoiding the weaknesses of both aluminium and uPVC, wooden can make strong window frames that are also great at insulation. Additionally, you will love the appearance or wooden frames and the smooth transition between the windows and the rest of your solid roof.

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Permissions needed for a solid conservatory roof replacement

You may have heard of some papers and documents needed for a conservatory roof replacement. Although paperwork is not everyone’s cup of tea, luckily, it’s not too complicated to acquire the necessary documents.


• Before 2010, house owners needed to ask for the planning permission unless the conservatory had at least 75% of glazed roof. Today, that rule is no longer applied, and people can install new solid roofs for their conservatories without asking for a planning permission.


• A building regulations approval is compulsory, and it’s applied for the roof replacement only, not for the whole conservatory. You will need to ask your district or borough council’s building control department for this approval. If you don’t want to deal with the paperwork, your installer can do that for you.

What is the best installer in the UK?

Unfortunately, the installer that is suitable for every houseowner doesn’t exist. To find the best installer, you will need to spent time on gathering and comparing quotes from different companies. Don’t forget to go through the reviews about them too. The recommended number of the companies you should check out is three.


The advice from our experts is that you should work with a local installer. First of all, it’s easy to check their previous works since you can look for reviews from your community and neighbourhood. Moreover, during the time you work with them, if there’s any problems further down the line, you can contact them immediately


Find out more about solid conservatory roof benefits and get a tailored quote.

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Lean-to conservatory with a solid roof


Replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 23.32.30.png

Solid Roof Conservatory Benefits

  • Do I need planning permission for a solid roof conservatory?
    In the majority of instances, replacing a conservatory roof with a solid alternative typically doesn't require planning permission. However, it's essential to verify the structural integrity of the conservatory before proceeding with the installation of a new solid tiled roof. Your chosen installer will typically conduct a thorough survey of your conservatory before embarking on the roof replacement process. Feel free to consult a conservatory expert at no cost to discuss your specific conservatory requirements and concerns.
  • How much does a solid conservatory roof cost?
    The price of a solid roof conservatory can significantly fluctuate based on factors like size, materials, internal and external finishes, and additional considerations. To obtain a precise cost and secure the optimal deal, our complimentary quote service is the ideal route. Through our service, you'll be linked with up to three local conservatory experts who will provide a customized quotation for your solid roof replacement. This approach enables you to compare prices, services, and warranties, ensuring that you secure the most advantageous all-around deal.
  • Can I replace my current roof with a solid tiled roof?
    Absolutely, it's entirely feasible to swap your existing conservatory roof for a solid alternative in the majority of cases. After linking you with a nearby specialist, they will conduct a complimentary survey to assess your conservatory's structural capacity for accommodating the additional weight. In isolated instances, it may be necessary to reinforce the structure before proceeding with the installation of the new roof.
  • Are solid conservatory roofs worth it?
    A solid conservatory roof brings forth a multitude of advantages, making its cost a valuable investment for numerous individuals. Enriching your conservatory with a tiled roof not only expands the usable living area within your residence, but its benefits extend beyond that. Regarded by many as a rewarding home enhancement, a solid roof contributes to the overall value of your property. Moreover, it acts as an avenue for enhancing your home's energy efficiency, effectively retaining warmth during winter and ensuring a cool environment throughout summer. For potential homebuyers, a solid roof conservatory is often a major attraction, offering additional space that seamlessly integrates with the home and can be fully utilized.
  • What are the benefits of replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof?
    Replacing a conservatory roof with a solid alternative offers a host of advantages. Here are some key benefits: Expand your usable living space year-round. A solid roof conservatory seamlessly integrates with your home and serves as a versatile space throughout every season. Maintain warmth in winter and stay comfortably cool in summer within a solid roof conservatory. Enhance your home's energy efficiency by preventing heat loss and keeping cold air at bay with a solid roof conservatory. Elevate both your lifestyle and property value through the investment of a solid roof conservatory. Achieve significant cost savings, as a solid roof conservatory is more budget-friendly than other extension options, all while providing genuine living space. The replacement of a conservatory roof with a solid alternative often bypasses the need for planning permission, ensuring a streamlined and stress-free process. Explore various interior finishes to tailor your solid roof conservatory to your preferences. The popularity of replacing conservatory roofs with solid options has surged among UK homeowners, and this trend is supported by a wealth of positive solid roof conservatory reviews.
  • What is the best type of roof for a conservatory?
    The best roof for a conservatory depends on how the space will be used. A solid roof turns a conservatory into a real living space that can be used as part of the home all year round. In effect, a solid roof conservatory is an extension of your home. So, if you want to extend your home and make full use of the space, a solid roof is the best option. A glass roof is creates a light space that can be enjoyed on those cooler days. Glass roofs do not usually offer the same level of insulation as a solid roof, so can still get very cool in the winter months. It's also worth keeping in mind that glass is not the best option for south facing conservatories as they can become unbearably hot in the summer months. Poly carbonate roofs offer a cost effective solution for conservatories as a glass alternative. There is very little insulation, so the space can become very cold has has little noise reduction. It is not the best option if you want to use your conservatory as a real living space but, as a utility room a polycarbonate roof could be a good option.
  • What is a solid conservatory roof?
    Conservatories outfitted with a solid roof exhibit thermal efficiency up to 15 times greater than standard polycarbonate roofs. These solid roof conservatories also excel in noise reduction, heat retention, winter cooling, and bolstered security. Most significantly, the investment in a solid roof for your conservatory translates to a genuine home extension that remains functional throughout the year. Typically, a solid roof conservatory features tiled roofing. The tile selections are contingent on budget and the intended room usage. The usual tile choices encompass standard slate or lightweight composite replica tiles, offering excellent value. Additionally, the option for incorporating glass panels into the roof is available. Given the uniqueness of each conservatory, consulting an expert is advisable to determine the optimal choice tailored to your needs. This ensures that you make an informed decision regarding your conservatory's roofing solution.
  • How do I replace my glass conservatory roof with a solid roof?
    Utilize our quote tool for a seamless transition to a solid conservatory roof. Upon form completion, an adept conservatory specialist will reach out to ascertain your requirements. They will outline your alternatives and coordinate local expert quotes on your behalf. Generally, replacing a conservatory roof with a solid version is a straightforward procedure devoid of planning permission hassles. Solid roof conservatories stand as an economical avenue for expanding your home's living space.
  • I'm looking for solid conservatory roof installers near me. Can you help?
    Yes, we have a panel of solid conservatory roof installers nationwide. Where ever you are in the U.K. we will most likely have installers near you. We match our customers with local installers, this insures that your quote is accurate and that you have an expert near you before, during and after the work has been completed. If you want to find an installer near you, just get a quote and we will match you with a local installer.
  • Can I have a lean to conservatory with a solid roof?
    Certainly, the transformation of your lean-to conservatory roof into a solid tiled one is feasible. Solid roofs are adaptable to a wide array of conservatory styles. Lean-to conservatories, known for their popularity, align well with the sleek and contemporary appearance a solid roof can offer. This choice elevates your conservatory's aesthetics and modern appeal.
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