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Lean-to conservatories with a solid roof

Lean-to conservatories are a popular choice for their simplicity of design and practicality. A lean-to conservatory is easy to update with a new solid roof replacement which instantly creates a modern, stylish looking extension to any type of property. With the clean lines of a lean-to conservatory a solid tiled roof can instantly bring older conservatories up to date.

Yes, solid roofs can be installed on just about any conservatory type. A solid roof can transform your lean-to conservatory into a clean, modern looking extension to your home. The simple lines of a lean-to conservatory make it a timeless design and a new tiled roof can add that wow factor.

A lean-to conservatory with a solid roof can also be finished with glass panels to ensure plenty of light enters the space. The end result is a light modern looking space that can be used all year round.

Can I install a solid tiled roof on a lean-to conservatory?

Lean to conservatory with solid tiled roof
Solid roof planning permission

In 2010 the planning regulations changed meaning that you can replace your conservatory roof with a solid roof without the need for planning permission. So, in most cases you will not need planning permission to have a solid roof installed on your lean-to conservatory.

However, it is important to ensure that your conservatory is structurally sound and strong enough to support the extra weight. Prior to installation your installer will arrange a survey to ensure that your conservatory is structurally sound. In some rare cases some structural strengthening  may be required before the roof is installed.

You can talk to an expert free here to check if your conservatory is likely to be suitable for a solid roof.

Will I need planning permission to install a solid roof on my lean-to conservatory?

What are the tile options for my lean-to conservatory?

A solid conservatory roof is a fully insulated roof that can be installed onto most conservatories regardless of style or age. The tile options vary depending on your budget, the structure and how the room will be used. The most common tile options are standard slate or composite economical replica tiles; which are lightweight and offer great value for money.

Both are great options for a lean-to conservatory and will create a fully insulated, thermally efficient and modern looking living space to be enjoyed at any time of the year. Some older lean-to conservatories may be more suited to the composite replica tiles which are much lighter than slate whilst offering all the benefits of a warm tiled conservatory roof.

Lean-to conservatory with solid roof

Will a lean-to conservatory with a solid roof be fully insulated?

Yes a lean-to conservatory with a solid roof will be fully insulated helping to keep the heat in during the winter and the space cool in the summer. Solid roofs also reduce external noise and improve home security.

There are also numerous internal finishing options to suit the style and feel that you want.

Is a solid roof on a lean-to conservatory worth it?

Lean to conservatory with solid roof

Solid roofs are a great investment for the home in many ways. More and more U.K. home owners are opting to invest in a solid roof conversion and home buyers are attracted to properties with solid roof conservatories.

The lifestyle improvements from having the extra space are abundant, but the benefits go beyond the extra space.

Solid roof conservatories help make the home more energy efficient, which leads to savings on heating bills. 

In addition to these benefits, a solid roof conservatory can add value to your home and make it more attractive to buyers in the market. So, for the cost of a solid roof replacement there are many immediate and long term benefits to be gained.

Is a lean-to conservatory with a solid roof secure?

Conservatories with a solid roof do help with overall security of property since it's much harder for a potential intruder to gain entry via the roof. Polycarbonate roofs are easily removed and there is usually no insulation beneath the roof making it easy for an someone to gain entry. 

A solid roof is a hard fixed structure complete with insulation and a ceiling. This makes gaining access much more difficult and enhances overall security of the property.

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